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How many wineries are there in Paso Robles? [+]
What varieties are grown in Paso Robles? [+]
There are more than 40 wine grape varieties grown in Paso Robles Wine Country from Cabernet Sauvignon to Zinfandel to Syrah. The region's diverse soils and many microclimates make the Paso Robles AVA suitable to grow a wide variety of wine grapes. The region experiences the State's greatest diurnal (day to night) temperature differences and an extended growing season, which makes for balanced wines. Check out the vineyards section for more information about wine grapes grown in Paso Robles.
What kind of wine does Paso Robles produce? [+]
The region's diversity makes Paso Robles suitable to make a wide array of wines. Growing more than 40 wine grape varieties allows winemakers to make distinctive wines reflective of the region and their personalities. Wines include varietals favorites - Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Roussanne - as well as Bordeaux-style and Rhone-style blends. Winemakers continue to experiment with the region's diversity using more Italian and Spanish style varieties. Unique to the region are Paso Robles signature blends which, often innovative mixtures drawing from the array of varietals found in Paso Robles.
Can I buy wine from the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance? [+]
The Wine Country Alliance does not sell wine directly, but we recommend you visit our winery partners and associate members who have wine clubs and wine shops. Many wineries also offer direct sales through internet and phone orders.
Where can I buy Paso Robles wine? [+]
Paso Robles wines may be found around the country in speciality wine shops, at your local grocer or in your favorite restaurant. Some wines are also found internationally. Choose Paso Robles wines and inquire with your local retailer or sommelier about new wines you would like to see for your next wine purchase. You may also purchase your favorite Paso Robles wines directly from the winery. Look for your favorite wines and learn more about each winery on the wineries page.
I want to carry Paso Robles wines in my store/restaurant. How do I identify what's available in my market? [+]
Paso Robles wines can be found in all 50 states and in many key international markets. If you know what wine you are looking for we encourage you to contact the winery directly to inquire about distribution in your area. For a list of wineries, wines produced and contact information, visit the wineries section.
What should I bring on a visit to Paso Robles Wine Country? [+]
Leave all pretenses behind, as you will be headed for fine wines blended with small town charm. Differences in day and night temperatures as well as proximity to the coast mean that you should probably pack clothing that can be layered for varied temperatures. Paso Robles Wine Country is a casual environment ... no suit and tie required.
How far ahead should I reserve tickets to events? [+]
A number of Paso Robles Wine Country events year around. Many are small events with limited availability. We recommend reserving tickets at least one month in advance. For busy weekends (Zinfandel Festival, Wine Festival. Harvest Wine Weekend), we recommend reserving tickets to winery events two months in advance. For winemaker dinners you should probably reserve from the winery as soon as you become aware of an event.
What is the best time of year to visit? [+]
A Paso Robles Wine Country getaway can be planned at the time of year that's best for you. Winter tends to be moderate temperature with some rain, spring is moderate temperature and blue skies, summer is warm days and cools nights while fall is typical of California's Indian Summer. Tasting rooms are open year round and many are open during the holiday seasons. Check out for current events and tips for planning your visit.
How far in advance should I make room reservations for a visit to Paso Robles Wine Country? [+]
While accommodations are expanding in Paso Robles Wine Country, reservations for busy weekends (Zinfandel Festival, Wine Festival, Harvest Wine Weekend) should be made in advance. If you prefer to stay in a bed and breakfast, consider that these rooms are limited, and that you should probably reserve earlier to guarantee your dates. For a list of accommodations please visit
How far are you from Hearst Castle? [+]
Hearst Castle is located near San Simeon, about a 40 minute drive from the city of Paso Robles.
I live out of state, can I bring wine home with me from a visit to Paso Robles Wine Country? [+]
Purchasing wine after your visit is the perfect way to take your Paso Robles Wine Country experience home. New airline restrictions require all liquids to be checked within luggage. Buying a case box shipper allows you to properly secure your wines and check it as luggage. You may also consider having your purchases shipped home. Depending upon where you live will help determine the best option for you as each state has different shipping regulations.