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Broken Earth Winery

Rancho Tierra Rejada, Spanish for “land of worked earth,” is the original name of the 2,500 acre Paso Robles ranch that is now home to Broken Earth Wines. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, grain and cattle were the primary commodities here. It was a land of pioneer families, vaqueros, banditos, and cattle barons such as the Miller & Lux Cattle Company. Paso Robles defined the real and true west before 1900. That pioneer spirit lives on today at Broken Earth Winery.

Visionary Herman Schwartz purchased the property in 1973 and planted 520 acres to grapevines. Schwartz was an innovative grower with a keen interest in sustaining the environment and promoting Paso Robles as a high-quality winegrape growing region. He embraced sustainable farming techniques as they were first coming on to the scene in the early 1980s.

With the same eye toward the future, he eventually realized the need to upgrade the vineyard, replanting between 1995 and 1998, carefully choosing plant material appropriate to each site in the vineyard. The ranch was sold to the current owners in 2006, who remain committed to sustaining the environment by implementing technologically advanced farming methods.

The Broken Earth Vineyard is a model for growing first-quality Paso Robles winegrapes in an eco-friendly manner.

The Vineyard, previously known as “Continental Vineyards” at Rancho Tierra Rejada was established in 1973 as one of the first large-scale producers in the area.

It is currently planted to 520 acres of premium winegrapes including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay and other popular varieties.

The Broken Earth team has remained innovative and adaptable to sustainable farming techniques and practices over these 30+ years. They work hand-in-glove with their customers, tailoring farming techniques to suit each winemaking project.

Moving forward, the Broken Earth Vineyard team remains committed to sustainable ideals, and to continuing to bolster the high-quality reputation of Paso Robles wines. In 2012 we were Certified as a California Sustainable Vineyard.

Broken Earth Vineyard is located approximately 13 miles east of downtown Paso Robles, just north of Hwy 46E, in the area known as the Estrella Bench.

Vineyard Description
518.20 acres
Planted in 1973
Machine Harvested

Varietals Grown
Albariño 1.65
Cabernet Sauvignon 209.30
Chardonnay 51.50
Grenache 23.97
Grenache Blanc 1.50
Malbec 8.00
Merlot 98.00
Petit Verdot 14.00
Petite Sirah 40.20
Syrah 18.90
Tannat 5.28
Tempranillo 0.90
Verdelho 6.89
Vermentino 5.11
Viognier 33.00


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