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Very old vine Westside Cabernet - circa 1964 - less than 1 ton/acre. High altitude, limestone rooted micro-blocks of special Westside Petit Verdot, Malbec, Grenache and Syrah.

Our goal is to make small amounts of fine red wines with the very best fruit from Westside Paso Robles.

We will always remain a small winery working with ultra-low yields of special fruit. We believe that the work done in the vineyards is critical. Year round, we walk the vineyards, feeling the slant of the sun, the feel of limestone soil, the durability of the vines.

This terroir, limestone and microclimates, combined with custom farming, where each vine is individually tended to produce but a few clusters so that our wine will get the fullest flavor of the berries.

We are a hands-on team in the vineyards, consistently custom farming the vines throughout the season. The first shoots, the fruit set, the canopy management, the pruning and dropping of fruit, attention to detail on the few clusters we leave on the vines - we want to capture the packed flavors of fruit that Mother Nature has yielded with our careful tending.

Westside Paso

Vineyard Description
10.50 acres
Planted in 1964
Hand Harvested

Varietals Grown
Cabernet Sauvignon 7.00
Grenache 1.00
Malbec 0.50
Petit Verdot 0.50
Syrah 1.50

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Jim Madsen

Mailing Address
10920 Chimney Rock Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446



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