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Inspired By Kama Sutra: LXV Boutique Wine
Romantic evenings have moved from being a deux to ménage-a trois: you, them and a bottle of wine. LXV Wine, a boutique wine inspired by the 64 arts of KamaSutra, aspires to play a stimulating role in elevating your special moment. Featuring unique blends made from high-end, small-lot vineyards from the highly acclaimed Westside of Paso Robles, LXV boasts of an artisan wine enveloped in a sensuous experience.

LXV has emerged from the teaming up of Kunal and Neeta Mittal, and the talented iconoclastic winemaker Amy Butler. The style of the wine is at once classic and contemporary, showcasing the uniqueness of Paso Robles AVA. Terroir is, of course, elemental to such a project. The Mittals acquired a wine property on the coveted Willow Creek Road on Westside Paso Robles because the rare soil and climate extremes, perfect for fostering intense varietal characteristics in the grapes, characterize this terroir. The team is on a phased approach to develop a tasting room, vineyard and, eventually, a state of the art winery.

Every release of LXV presents a unique blend, very characteristic of Paso Robles, showcased by an art of Kama Sutra. The rich history of Kama Sutra unfolds back to 3rd. Century A.D. when an Indian sage, Vatsyayana, composed Kama Sutra for the greater purpose of making art and love to complement each other. “The aim of the Sixty Four Arts of the Kama Sutra was to enlighten sensual moods and intimacy. Sensuality involved more than the use of the five traditional senses; with awareness and intuition, it went beyond just sensing,” explains Neeta, who is a dancer, choreographer and an award-winning filmmaker.

The anchor of each label is the portrait of an artist and their philosophy on art and sensuality. The Mittals’ approach re-frames the entire wine experience as a novel Indian series of events that sequentially awaken the full range of senses to more keenly appreciate wine, frame, and ambiance, all strategically designed for an arousingly pleasurable experience.

The first release of LXV, “Rising Tempo,” is inspired by Nritya (art of dance), the third art of Kama Sutra. Amy has insightfully blended Grenache, Syrah and Tempranillo to create a complex, spicy, Rhone-style blend that is perfect for the fall. The glass shows off a dark red tint somewhere between aging blood and deep garnet. The body is medium- heavy. On the nose Rising Tempo quickens the senses with a seductive bouquet of sweet floral and faint brown sugar caramel. The wine is lush, ripe and complex, with a velvety texture producing a sumptuous mouthfeel. The Tempranillo provides structure and a slightly leathery Umami flavor.

The front label features a sensuous portrait of contemporary Los Angeles dancer, Reshma Gajjar, who shares her philosophy on the back label, “I crave the rawness of my bare feet against the earth; my hair, wild and tangled in the music. I become immersed in the space where my human and spiritual world play with one another. For once, I get to indulge in my true self.”

Rising Tempo has already garnered rave reviews from notable people in the wine industry. “LXV is in the league of some of the best I have ever tasted.” Says Ron Denner of the Denner Winery. “Hats off to the cooperage!” exclaims Pebble Smith of the highly acclaimed James Berry Vineyard. French master chef Patrick Farjas finds the wine “fabulous!” The reviews on CellarTracker echo experiences such as lush, velvety, supple, with someone cheekily complimenting LXV to have “conspired to celebrate sensuality, to mark us for cupid.”

LXV will open the doors to its tasting room in 2014, but you can visit the ethereal location by appointment.

LXV’s next release is due this month but the label is kept under wraps.

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