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Eat This With
Eat tandoori chicken with LXV Rising Tempo
By Lisa Pretty

Although Paso Robles has several wonderful restaurants, the one thing it really lacks is Indian cuisine. Prior to moving to Paso Robles, I had lived in Toronto and San Francisco — both large cities with In- dian food readily available. Now I settle for a few basic dishes that I make at home, and I am always looking for new recipes with those wonderful spices. When I meet Neeta and Kunal Mittal, owners of LXV Wines, we discussed our shared passion for wine and cooking. I was delighted when they invited
me to their beautiful prop- erty to taste the wine they had just released, along with several of Neeta’s tra- ditional, Indian dishes. When I walked into the kitchen the aromas were incredible and I couldn’t wait to dig in. Neeta had prepared four recipes: Spicy Shrimp, Tan- doori Chicken, Mutton Curry and Biryani. They were all excellent, and she was kind enough to share the recipes. Several will ap- pear in my next book, in- cluding her recipe for Tandoori Chicken.
This is a recipe that is fairly easy to make, and with Neeta’s permission I am featuring that as my recipe for this week’s col- umn. When it comes to pairing this recipe with a wine, the 2010 LXV Rising Tempo is the way to go. Rising Tempo is the first wine released under the LXV label. The wine is a blend containing 50 percent Grenache, 25 percent Syrah and 25 per- cent Tempranillo. With rich,
ripe flavors and a wonderful body, this wine will pair with many different foods. LXV’s winemaker, Amy Butler, describes this wine perfectly: "Grenache's bright cherry fruit dances across the palate in this ele- gantly choreographed blend. tempranillo provides a deep, plummy bass note with leathery and herbal tones, while the syrah keeps the wine full, sensuous, and in- triguing with its exotic dark berry nose and flavors of
coffee and chocolate. The three varietals com- bine to make a robust yet re- fined blend with an inviting, provocative aroma and a lin- gering finish." If you are interested in tasting the wine, and per- haps a little Indian fare, visit to see when they will be hosting the next tasting event — it is a tasting experience you will not want to miss.

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