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Day Three Part Deux

Tammi Korbmaker- Sacramento Wine Examiner

I kicked off my running shoes and sank into the big leopard chair and browsed through the wine rags I'd picked up while we were in town.....I noticed an ad for a familiar sounding winery----Jada.....hmmm.... a dim memory of an exceptional wine we'd tasted at Vino Prima on the Santa Cruz pier last fall.....cute name, hmmm.....Jersey Girl, by Jada.....and there it was, Jada Vineyards, just a right turn past Four Vines, on Vineyard Drive.

So since we had a few hours to kill until the dinner prep got underway, we figured we'd all pile into a couple of cars and head out to Jada, and if time allowed, visit another favorite, Opolo, just a few doors down......... we arrived to a packed tasting room about 20 minutes later.....

Elbow to elbow, we inched our way quickly became apparent that we had gotten a late start on our tasting; purple-toothed smiles and laughter filled the space; the crowd was friendly, loud and more than accommodating as we squeezed our way to the tasting bar. Beautiful tasting glasses were passed back to each of us----I love a tasting room that has the good sense to use quality glasses for your tasting experience----cash exchanged hands for the $5 tasting fee (which can be applied to any wine purchase) and we were off. We tasted 4 wines at Jada that day, and 3 divine cheeses: there was one single-varietal in the line-up, (our beloved Jersey Girl), 100% Syrah, and as good as we remembered. The rest of the offerings were blends, all newly released 2006's, each one better than the last. The wines were:

2006 Jersey Girl (100% Syrah)
2006 Passing By (95% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Merlot)
2006 Jack of Hearts (45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 14% Merlot & 40% Petit Verdot)
2006 Hell's Kitchen (40%Syrah,28%Grenache, 16%Mourverde & 16% Tannat)
I thought all the wines were excellent, well-balanced and powerful. If I could only choose two, The Jack of Hearts and Hell's Kitchen would be my top choices. Giving a nod to the blends of Bordeaux, Jack of Hearts was outstanding---smooth, ripe with perfectly balanced tannins and a luxurious mouthfeel. Hell's Kitchen, a Rhone-style blend, captured the very best characteristics of each component, and the resulting wine was earthy, smoky, with smooth tannins and sweet fruit. No wonder everyone had a purple smile.

If you're wondering where the names of Jada's wines comes from, take a gander at their website....the stories behind each are charming...

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