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Contemporary French Artist Designs 2010 Event Artwork

Paso Robles, CA (November 19, 2009) Paso Robles Wine Country announced today that international French artist, Erwin Dazelle, is named Artist of the Year and will design the 2010 Paso Robles Wine Country event artwork. Dazelle will create cover art and imagery for Zinfandel Festival (March 19 - 21), Wine Festival (May 21 - 23) and Harvest Wine Weekend (October 15 - 17). Artwork will be featured in event brochures, online at, various mediums at each event and displayed as a poster throughout Paso Robles Wine Country tasting rooms. Dazelle’s iconic French imagery and classic Basque theme infusion brings Paso Robles wine events to life with sharp, vibrant colors.

“This is the first time the Alliance has used an international artist, expanding Paso Robles Wine Country culturally while keeping our local roots,” said Stacie Jacob, executive director of the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance. “Paso Robles is home to French winemakers and chefs and will be complete with French artwork.”

Erwin Dazelle, 35, initially honed his skills as a glass artist, inheriting a family tradition begun by his grandfather in the south of France during the 1930s. In 1996, Dazelle began translating these techniques to the canvas, and has developed a style that is as sharp as it is colorful. These attributes work well for wine inspired artwork using Paso Robles Wine Country as his muse. Dazelle will paint his interpretation of the region through 2010 marquee events for which Paso is so well known.

"I am proud to be selected as artist of the year,” said Dazelle. “I feel at home in Paso Robles and look forward to creating some exciting visuals throughout the 2010 event season." Be sure to visit this season to stay posted on Paso Robles Wine Country events.

Save-the-Date for 2010 Paso Robles Events

18th Annual Zinfandel Festival (March 19 - 21, 2010)
Tickets on sale in December, 2009: Brochure and poster available January, 2010

28th Annual Wine Festival (May 21 - 23, 2010)
Tickets on sale in February, 2010: Brochure and poster available March, 2010

Harvest Wine Weekend (October 15 - 17, 2010)
Details of winery events available in summer/fall, 2010: Brochure and poster available in August, 2010

All tickets to Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance coordinated events are available online at Posters and brochures will feature Paso Robles Wine Country event artwork by Erwin Dazelle and will be available during the dates outlined above. A photo of Erwin Dazelle creating the 2010 artwork is available upon request. For more information on Paso Robles Wine Country events, to purchase tickets or to request your event brochure and/or poster, visit or e-mail

The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance represents wineries, growers and businesses in Paso Robles Wine Country. Centrally located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, along California’s Central Coast, Paso Robles Wine Country is California’s fastest growing wine region. It encompasses more than 26,000 vineyard acres and more than 180 wineries. For more information, visit
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