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PASO ROBLES, CA June 17, 2004 -- "BUY PASO!" It’s now more convenient than ever for growers and vintners to share information regarding 2004 wine grapes and bulk wines available for sale from Paso Robles Wine Country. Today, Paso Robles Vintners and Growers Association (PRVGA) unveiled its online "BUY PASO!" database service.

The searchable database is free to all users. Simply go to and click on the BUY PASO! button. The online service makes it easy to search for and contact growers and wineries that are selling wine grapes and bulk wines. The database yields information about the vineyard contact, varietal, location, phone number and tonnage or gallonage available for purchase. Detailed contact information is available for each Vineyard or Winery search result.

While the searchable database is free to all, only PRVGA Grower and Winery members are offered the free posting service for wine grape or bulk wines sales on the website. The Classifieds section of the website has always been available for members and nonmembers to post their fruit, wine and acreage for sale as well as equipment and job information.

In addition to the searchable database, now the Paso Robles Vineyard Directory is available for the first time as a downloadable .pdf file at Both the hard-copy and downloadable versions of the Vineyard Directory offer detailed information about Climate and Soils, Acreage by Varietal, Allocation by Variety, Vineyard Map, Varietals Cross-Referenced with Wineries and other information helpful to Paso Robles Wine Country vintners, growers and those who are interested in purchasing fruit or bulk wine from the area.

PRVGA’s Quality Alliance has published the directory for the past eleven years. The Paso Robles Vineyard Directory was crafted to help define this region for those who have discovered the area to be one of the most exciting of the world’s new wine regions. The annual publication is a guidebook to the grape growing areas of Paso Robles, California and frequently referenced by wineries and winemakers looking to purchase wine grapes and bulk wine. Hard copy of the directory is available upon request for wine grape buyers though PRVGA encourages the free download to save paper and costs.

"We at the PRVGA realize these are difficult times to be selling wine grapes or bulk wine in the California marketplace," says Grower Chair Rob Murray. "We hope these free services to our members will help them market their fruit competitively."

The Paso Robles Wine Country is located half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco on California’s Central Coast. With a greater day-to-night temperature swing than any other appellation in California, Paso Robles’ vines produce low yields, small clusters and high skin-to-juice ratios – ideal for concentrated, yet balanced wines with intense varietal flavors. Paso Robles’ 70+ wineries offer world-class wines in every varietal, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Petite Sarah, Syrah, Chardonnay, and Rhône Varietals. For more information, visit

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