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Learn about California and Wine Related Facts


Wine enthusiasts do not need an excuse to raise a glass in celebration; however, there is no finer time than the month of September - California Wine Month.  September marks the beginning of harvest in California and California Wine Month celebrates the state’s ideal climate for wine, beautiful wine country landscape, our talented and ingenious winemaking families, our celebrated lifestyle and cuisine; and our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

2016 is the 12th consecutive year that California Wine Month will be celebrated in September. California wine is important to California's economy, as the state is the fourth largest wine producer in the world, makes 90 percent of American wine and is responsible for $18.5 billion in retail wine sales in the U.S.

To find out more about special activities during California Wine Month,visit to learn about winery events, tastings, poster offers and more. California Wine Month is a campaign coordinated by Wine Institute and its more than 1,000 California wineries and affiliated businesses.


California Wine is Good Business

Full Impact of California Wine in California

$51.8 billion
Full Impact of California Wine on the
National Economy
$125.3 billion
($73.3 billion generated outside California)
California's Finished Agricultural Product Number 1
Number of Bonded Wineries 2,275
Number of Grape Growers 4,600
Wine Grape Bearing Acres
477 thousand
Wine Produced (750ml bottles equiv.) 2.7 billion
Retail Value of California Wine $17.8 billion
Full-time Equivalent Jobs 309,000 in California
875,000 in U.S.
Wages Paid $10.1 billion California
$25.2 billion Nationwide
Taxes Paid in California $3.1 billion California (State and Local)
$1.8 billion Federal
Taxes Paid in Other States $2.9 billion State
$5.2 billion Federal
Number of Visitors 19.7 million
Tourism Expenditures $2 billion
Charitable Contributions $115 million