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Wine Enthusiast Safety & Responsible Tasting

Responsible tasting is always encouraged when enjoying Paso Robles wines. While tasting, remember to use the Four Ss: Swirl, Smell, Sip and Spit.

Also, to ensure a safe enjoyable experience for all attendees of the Grand Tasting please refrain from bringing pets, barbecues, canopies, tables or umbrellas. Due to the close quarters of this event, no strollers will be allowed past the entry gates, and we ask that a smoke free environment is respected in consideration of others’ health and palates. Should any medical situations arise, a first aid station will be available during the tasting.

Always remember to designate a driver or make use of a local wine tour company.

While touring outside the park, don't forget to balance all of that amazing wine
with some fantastic food from the variety of local restaurants.