My Itinerary:



In order to make the most of your getaway to Paso Robles Wine Country, it is important to plan ahead and keep some tips in mind that will lead to a safe visit and hopefully many return trips.

  • Remember the 4 Ss of Responsible Tasting
    • Swirl, Smell, Sip and Spit!  This method is a great way to sample many different wines and will also allow you to continue enjoying the flavor of your wine experience during lunch and dinner.
  • Taste the Town
    • Plan to complement the the wine you taste by visiting one of the many restaurants and specialty shops in Paso Robles Wine Country.  Plan ahead and order a box lunch or call ahead to the wineries on your itinerary since many may not provide a dining option.
  • Transportation
    • Always remember to designate a driver or plan for tour transportation, limo or a taxi to take you through Paso Robles Wine Country.  Check out a list of touring and transportation partners that can help enhance your tasting experience.
  • Hydrate Yourself
    • Drink plenty of water! You will be doing a bit of walking while enjoying wine country and the weather can be quite warm in October.
  • Plan for the Weather
    • Paso Robles often experiences warm days and cool nights during the months of May - October.  Beginning in November, the weather will begin to cool down and much needed rain will begin to fall.  Remember that barrel rooms and cellars are temperature controlled, so don't feel silly bringing along a sweater.